Subtheme : Innovations and HR

Organizational innovations include the development and application of new technologies such as analytics and big data as well as human process innovations such as revisioning the role of HR department or the CEO. Technology adoption and organizational change go hand-in-hand as organizations need to build capacity through training or hiring or a combination of both to leverage the new technologies. Under the subtheme of Innovations, we invite scholars to consider the role of HR in adoption of new technologies as well as Technology-induced changes in functioning of HR department.

Some possible perspectives in this sub-theme may include but are not limited to:

·         Innovations in Organizational Structure and Processes

·         Innovations in Leadership style

·         Innovations in Capability development and organizational learning

·         Managing Organizational change and transition

·         AI, Automation and HR transformation

Subtheme : Organizational Metamorphosis for  Inclusion 

The need to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment dictates that organizations make best use of all available talent and hence spread their hiring net such that no social group gets excluded from the hiring process. This need is exacerbated by increasing societal demand for equitable representation of hitherto unrepresented groups like woman or minorities. This subtheme aims to generate conversations around transformations in organizations towards being more inclusive.

Some possible perspectives in this sub-theme may include but are not limited to:

·         Policies and practices to improve diversity in organizations

·         Facilitating the career progression of  women to leadership roles

·         Handling disability, workplace harassment and discrimination

·         Integrating mechanisms to develop a common culture amongst a diverse workforce

·         Adaptations in organization structure and systems for accommodation of diverse needs

Subtheme: Organizational Metamorphosis for Agility

The changing business environment and increased focus on employees’ personal demands requires an agile workforce which can be developed through increased use of contingent workers, greater flexibility in employee contracts and development of a flexible mindset.

Some possible perspectives in this sub-theme may include but are not limited to:

·         Developing employee agility

·         Creating a flexible workforce, use of temporary workers and contractual employees

·         Changes in regulatory environment and corresponding changes in workforce

·         Redesigning HR for Agility

·         Components of an agile organization

·         Gig economy and HR agility

The above areas are only indicative and papers looking at other aspects of Workforce Diversity and Inclusion, Organizational Innovation and HR and Organizational and Workforce Agility  are also welcome.